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Time’s Up Debut Single: Commemorative T-Shirt Release!

Time’s Up Debut Single: Commemorative T-Shirt Release!

04/09/2024 07:43am


The Heroes and Villains band is about to make waves in the music scene with their electrifying debut single, “Time’s Up.” But that’s not all—they’re celebrating this milestone in style! Get ready for a limited-edition commemorative t-shirt that captures the essence of their music and the spirit of collaboration.

The Track: “Time’s Up”

“Time’s Up” is more than just a song; it’s a revelation. With its fusion of electronic beats, soulful vocals, and rock-inspired instrumentation, it defies categorization. The urgency in the lyrics resonates with listeners, urging them to seize the moment before it slips away. And at the heart of this track are four remarkable artists:

  1. Brock Starr from Heroes and Villains: His compositions are unique, driving and something to behold.
  2. Tacboy from The ET Boys: His distinctive vocals add depth and emotion, making “Time’s Up” unforgettable.
  3. Mike Mexas from Saturate Band: His intensity and musical prowess elevate the track to new heights.
  4. Myles Clayborne (of Saul): As the producer, he weaves magic behind the scenes, ensuring every note hits the right chord.

The T-Shirt: Wear Your Passion

The limited-edition t-shirt features the stunning artwork from “Time’s Up.” It’s more than just fabric—it’s a collector’s item, a piece of music history. Imagine wearing a shirt that represents the birth of something extraordinary. Whether you’re at a concert, a party, or just out and about, this shirt screams, “I’m a fan of Heroes and Villains!”

Release Date and Pre-Save

Get Yours Now!

Visit our website at and explore the “Shop” section. Click on the “Time’s Up” T-Shirt to pre-order yours. Be part of the movement, embrace the vibrant community, and wear your passion proudly.

“Time’s Up”—because sometimes, music transcends time.

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