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"Time's Up" Premier on

04/13/2024 08:02am

The music scene is buzzing with the latest release from the Heroes and Villains. Their debut single, “Time’s Up,” featuring Tacboy from The ET Boys and Mike Mexas from Saturate Band, has just premiered on, and it’s already making waves.

A Fusion of Talent “Time’s Up” is a testament to collaboration, showcasing the unique blend of genres and styles brought together by these talented artists. Produced by Myles Clayborne of Saul, the track promises to be a hit with its catchy hooks and powerful lyrics. The Perfect Launchpad, known for its embrace of art and culture, was the chosen platform for the lyric video premiere, aligning the song’s edgy vibe with the site’s audience. The premiere on not only highlights the song’s artistic merit but also connects it with a community that appreciates the fusion of music and visual art.

Commemorative Merchandise To celebrate this milestone, the band has released a limited edition t-shirt featuring the artwork from the single. Fans can show their support and carry a piece of music history with this exclusive merchandise.

Mark Your Calendars “Time’s Up” is set to release everywhere on April 13th. Fans can pre-save the track on their favorite streaming service and be among the first to experience this exciting new single.

Conclusion The Heroes and Villains band is off to a strong start with “Time’s Up.” The collaboration with Tacboy and Mike Mexas, under the production of Myles Clayborne, is a bold step into the music industry. With the support of Wake Up! Music Rocks, this band is one to watch. Head over to to catch the lyric video premiere and join the countdown to the official release.

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